About EWLJ

The Mission

I should have one, shouldn’t I? When I started this blog it was for pretty selfish reasons. I just wanted to lose weight and document that journey publicly. I knew that if it was public, I’d be accountable.
As I went on, I realized my personal blog was doing more than helping me, it was helping others. I’ve come to realize I want helping others to be my focus and….

My Mission is to:
  • Give hope to people who are overweight (unhealthy?) and inspiration to those who need it.
  • Share my struggles and my victories.
  • Learn from others.
  • Live out loud in a world that isn’t so kind to those who dare to be big.

At the end of the day, I want this blog to be bigger than just me. I want it to be a resource, and a source of inspiration for others.

Last year I challenged myself to live the The Year of No Fear; to confront the things that scared me the most, and challenge myself to do them! This year I’m challenging my readers to 52 weeks, 52 steps. The idea is simple: each week, I’ll post a new step, the concept/reason behind it, and ways to get started. My challenge for you is to follow through and do it. Some of the steps will be easy things you can revisit every once in awhile, other steps will be actions that I hope you will take with you into your daily lives.

I know people have limited time to read blogs and I want them (YOU) to have a reason to make mine one of the regular spots they (YOU) turn to. Here are 6 Reasons You Should Subscribe to My Blog Via Email (they’re good)…..