Step 7: Plan ahead for a healthy tomorrow

One big barrier to treating oneself well is lack of planning and preparation. It’s easy to run out of time, to be too busy, to not have enough money or time or to simply not have what you need when you need it. Without planning, excuses and “duties” get in the way of taking care of oneself.


The Step:

Know and be ready for how you’re going to be healthy tomorrow.


  1. Commit to planning ahead each day this week.
  2. Pick a time or a moment in your day that you can set aside for planning.
  3. Set a reminder (or mental note) and commit to preplanning.
  4. When planning ahead, consider the following:

Look at your calendar: When do you have time to exercise (even if it’s just a 5 minute walk)?

What will you need for the activity you have planned?

Pack your waterbottle, spare clothes, shoes and whatever else you might need for tomorrow.

What meals will you prepare tomorrow? What will you need for your healthy meals?

Go shopping and/or batch cook some healthy staples ahead of time.

That’s it! Personally I find this to be a particularly hard step and am going to be working hard at it all week. I started last night by recommitting to my healthy diet, setting some small, easy to achieve goals and making a plan for today (Step #1 – write a blog post, hee hee). Wish me luck!

P.S. Are you participating in 52 weeks, 52 steps? How is it going?

P.P.S. If you’re just joining us, you can read all about 52 weeks, 52 steps and get caught up on all the steps here. If you’d like to your weekly step in your inbox sign up for a subscription to my blog here.

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2 responses

  1. My dear, sweet Cherry Blossom– These are things I’ve done for years and find not only helpful, but enjoyable. I cherish mornings when I spend at least an hour, often more, having coffee (and often, breakfast) with my husband and the birds in our kitchen. It is then that we fine-tune our plans for the day, make early business calls and make sure we have the things we will need for dinner later in the day. Yesterday we knew I wanted to make chicken stir-fry tonight, so Reg shredded the left over chicken and we bought one of those stir-fry veggie pkgs with the noodles. We like those a lot and often make a stir-fry with leftover meats. After the morning kitchen session, I go into the office to check email, FB, Hub, and my health blog. It’s at that point my troubles start. There seems to be a million ways I can go, and nothing I really WANT to do. HELP!!! Ideally, it’s at this point that I do another blog, do my exercises, then at least 15 minutes of ‘house things’, and any afternoon business calls. Between 4 and 5 we get dinner going and in the evening we crash with the TV til bed. Now– if I could just go from ‘ideally’ to this is it, I would feel successful, but I’m still working on it. Yes, my dear, I wish you luck- this is March- perhaps I’ll get myself a shamrock!

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