Quick Update: February

First off, let me start with apologies…

I’ve been slacking on the steps! I want to get them going again, but I have a few reasons why I’ve been silent:


  1. I’m living my own advice and working hard on step #5 myself. As I mentioned in step #5, I signed up for the Seattle to Portland Bike Classic and I’ve been busy researching, finding a bike, and beginning my training in full force. I can’t tell you how much I love getting out there on my bike. Especially with friends. It’s amazingly fun, and I’m so glad I’ve decided to challenge myself in this way. (P.S. If you’d like to see the pics I post about this adventure, don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr!)
  2. I’m trying to find a new “job” and it’s been tricky. Ideally, I’d like a full-time “real job” in Social Media, but I’m having a hard time giving up my freelancer lifestyle. My dream job is to work as a community manager for a fitness/health/outdoors related company so I can combine my passions of social media and health. Wish me luck (and if you know a company who is looking for someone – ping me)!
  3. My biggest confession is that because of lots of work and home related stress I’ve been pretty depressed and have fallen off the wagon in terms of my diet. I hinted at this a bit in my January update and things are honestly still pretty bad. I’ve been great at getting out there and exercising (with the help of friends and hubs), but I’ve been eating whatever I like lately. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been gaining weight since the beginning of the year. I’m pretty embarrassed. Not because of the weight gain, but because I have a blog called “Epic Weight Loss Journey” and I’m gaining weight. How can I in good conscious give people “steps to health” if I’m taking steps backwards? I’ve been a bundle of stress and nerves lately, and for me that translates into emotional eating and letting the “hard stuff” slip. I feel really guilty, guys, and it’s time to confess that I need help, motivation, and the emotional energy needed to take care of myself. I’ve been wondering what my next “step to health” should be, and if I have the courage/will power to take it on even with all the scary stuff going on in my life right now.

So, there you have it. My excuses. ;) All those aside, I need to figure out a way to be stressed and STILL take the time and energy to feed myself the right stuff.

Any suggestions? How do you take care of yourself when it feels like your world is crumbling? How do you count calories or measure out food (or just pick the right foods) when you have too many things you have to worry about and work on? How do you squeeze joy out of an otherwise crappy day?


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3 responses

  1. Part of any healthy living journey is to figure out how to handle stress without triggering old (bad) habits. It sounds like your activity level hasn’t suffered. My suggestion for eating would be to forget the calorie counting, just make good choices and watch the portions. Once you are feeling more secure with your career I am sure the depression will lift! Hang in there!

  2. Oh my dear, dear, Cherry Blossom– I just now took the time to read your blog here– I too have been spinning and in my busy stressed life, I stopped paying close attention and gained a bit, but am now getting back on track. The biggest and best tip I can give you for success, is to fill your house with foods your body needs that will satisfy, not make you hungry, and are easy to grab or fix when needed. Buy foods that are as natural as you can get. Use real milk, butter, cream, eggs and fresh meats. Avoid all things processed because they contain trans fats, processed flour, sugar in various forms, preservatives and things you can’t even pronounce. I know eating this way works because I rarely get hungry like I used to and when I do, I eat something my body wants and it’s usually protein. Protein will satisfy for hours, thus keeping you from eating ‘no-no’ foods. The best breads are Ezekiel ones. I even like their tortillas. I bake mine in one of those special pans to make a bowl for my taco salad. The best protein powder is whey– NOT SOY. Oh- you might want to nibble when you are out riding. Take along some nuts, cheese sticks– and a cookie or two– not just any cookie, but the ones I just got from BioTrust. They are made of only healthy, good for us ingredients and are frosted oatmeal raisin, containing 12 grams of protein. Reg loves them, as do the members of our family who has sampled them. If you can stop by, I’ll give you a few and if you like, you may order some. Right now they are only available on-line. I love you soooo much, Shelli, and want only the best for you. I know you haven’t had time to read articles in my health blog that would be good for you and helpful, so please let me know if there is any quick info I can give you that would help! Hope to see you soon! Luv & Hugs- Grammy

  3. I SO SO get the emotional eating stuff. I don’t have scales, but I’m certain, just looking at my body, that I’ve probably gained 10 pounds in the last two months!! Job stress. And I’ve decided that it’s not likely I’ll be able to reduce my stress or live (well) with it, so I’m QUITTING (the job, that is). I’ve lived my life very simply with very little debt so that I would never feel trapped in a job that makes me miserable, and as I look at what’s happening with my health, I know that it’s just not worth it. Swallowing pride for a job that offers meaning and joy is one thing, but swallowing dignity and self-respect in a job that feels increasingly meaningless quite another. Shelli, I love, Love, LOVE your honesty. It’s so rare and so refreshing.

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