52 weeks, 52 steps

Yesterday kicked my a$&.

I tried a new bootcamp class at my gym, and I have to say it was one of the tougher workouts I’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been through tough classes before, but there was something about this class that suuuuuucked. I had to push myself harder than usual.

This might be because during the last week of December I majorly slacked off! I didn’t go to the gym at all last week. Plus, my regular class is a great workout, but it’s isn’t really a challenge for me anymore. I walked into class expecting something similar. I was seriously mistaken. Everyone taking the class was an athlete, they were ALL in great shape (there were even some trainers in attendance), and they all knew each other. I was the chubby newbie.

Right before entering the classroom, I met someone in the hall and he said something like, “this trainer is really tough.” He wasn’t wrong. Class WAS tough. I was sore before I even LEFT class. Today I’m not a fan of walking, sitting and/or standing. That tough.

I’m not discouraged though. Exactly the opposite. I’m EXCITED because I’ve found something really fun to push myself in the gym again. PLUS, while I was on the floor in a puddle of my own sweat, I thought of something clever to do with my blog. Something to help push YOU along on your journey too.

My idea is pretty simple.

52 Steps, 52 Weeks

52 weeks, 52 steps.

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I believe in small, lifestyle changes that affect one’s health versus dramatic fad diets, pills, extreme workouts and difficult changes that won’t last because they are difficult and unrealistic.

After all, weight loss is nice, but it ultimately means nothing if it isn’t healthy and/or sustainable. The best changes are the ones we take on slowly, with purpose, and remember to stick to for a lifetime.

So, I’ve decided to challenge everyone who reads my blog to take 52 steps towards health.

How it works:

Each week, I’ll post a new step, the concept/reason behind it, and ways to get started. My challenge for you is to follow through and do it. Some of the steps will be easy things you can revisit every once in awhile, other steps will be actions that I hope you will take with you into your daily lives.

Who can do it?:

Everyone. All of the steps will be manageable for everyone. That said, some might not be relevant for everyone. Obviously you get to decide which ones you do, when, and for how long. I only ask that you consider them, and try the ones that make sense to you (modify them if you’d like to!), and have fun.

The “rules”:

  1. Posts go up on Mondays. I’m going to post each step on Monday morning, rain or shine (hopefully). This will be a challenge for me, but I promise to push myself too.
  2. If you join us somewhere in the middle just take ONE step at a time. Just one. The idea is that the steps be simple changes or tasks that you won’t fail to complete. If you take on too many steps you may just get discouraged and stop trying.
  3. Have fun! If it’s not fun it’s not worth doing.
  4. Modify. If a step doesn’t work for you, modify it to fit your needs. If you try it as written and you fail, figure out why you failed, modify it and try again (or just move on to another step).
  5. Take small steps. The idea here is to incorporate easy changes into your everyday life. You’re not going to become a marathon runner overnight. Start slow with small changes (say 5 minutes of walking a day) and improve over time.
  6. Pick a reminder. You’ll need a reminder to complete your step for the week. After reading each step, choose what your reminder will be: Set a calendar reminder, make a mental note, write it on a sticky pad – whatever works for you.

That’s it! The first post goes up next Monday! If you’d like to your weekly step in your inbox sign up for a subscription to my blog here.

Sound good? Lets do this!

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One response

  1. Shelli, this is a fan6tastic idea! Taking small steps- one a week- will make a big difference for those who do it– go for it, guys! I just may find it to benefit me too! I look forward to seeing your first step!

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